Dovera Grand Classic Woven Bracelet

$ 225.00

Dovera bracelets are admired for their beauty and the bond they symbolize. The women who wear them or give them as special gifts are sharing the beauty of friendship, strength and love.

Each is handcrafted one-at-a-time with precious metals, gemstones, and Swarovski crystals. The hand weaving technique makes Doveras pleasing to touch and wear, and lends itself to stunning reversible designs.

The GRAND CLASSIC bracelet: is 1/2" wide and a best selling design.

  • Reversible with sterling silver on one side and two-tone 14k gold filled and sterling silver beads on the other.
  • Featuring an exquisite sterling silver clasp.
  • 1/2" wide
  • This is a wider version of the Classic bracelet.
  • Custom sizes are available.
  • Made in Massachusetts

It goes with everything. Very light and so comfortable to wear. Memorable, timeless and distinctive.

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